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Speaking the language of success

She was fired from her first job — on the first day she reported to work. Her employers told the new immigrant from Hong Kong that her English language skills weren’t strong enough.

It was only a brief setback for the determined young woman. Today, the successful married mother of two is running her own business, calling the shots and inspiring others to follow her lead.

After studying economics at York University, Amanda went on to land a job at IBM in client relations. “I talked to a lot of business owners and really got inspired,” she said.

Months of research followed. She came up with a business plan and decided to start her own cleaning company. Her mother was incredulous. “Are you nuts? You’re leaving your six-figure job at IBM to clean toilets?”

Now four years later, the award-winning entrepreneur has 20 employees at Clean4Me and is looking into franchising her successful operation.

“Let go of your fears, doubts and disbeliefs. Be courageous, embrace change and start believing in your dreams,” she said.

Amanda Collucci did and now she’s her own boss. Her mom is proud.

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