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Spinning our finest to the world

In the U.K., the Ministry of Sound and Hed Kandi do it. In the U.S., it’s done by Tommy Boy and Star 69. Now, Hi-Bias Records has done it here: Amassed the country’s top dance and electronica artists and producers for the release of Canada’s Finest House CD.

Available tomorrow, the CD is the brainchild of Juno-nominated DJ, producer, remixer and Hi-Bias head, Nick Fiorucci, who called upon well-known club cohort Deko-ze to mix the original 15-track CD.

“We’re taking Canadian dance music to the world,” says Fiorucci, the youngest person to be inducted into the CanDance Hall of Fame. Adds Deko-ze: “Canadians have been making noise in the dance scene and it’s about time we get acknowledged. Nick planted the seed and I watered it and checked for weeds.”

Deko-ze is an import from Essex, England. Transplanted in Saskatoon, Deko-ze was more attuned to mixing beats than university text books. As his spinning took flight, Deko-ze relocated to Toronto in 1999 and caused quite the stir galvanizing party goers with his hard-hitting house beats and energetic sets. In 2006, he toured the country to plug his Delicious CD while Tribe Magazine dubbed him “Canada’s hardest working DJ.”

“I DJ anywhere from four to ten times a week. Plus, during the week I am busy in the studio and trying to keep on top of my music reviews,” says Deko-ze.

When asked about his work on Canada’s Finest House, the 34-year-old resounds: “Only a bowl of Swedish berries or a pan of homemade Rice Krispie cake could make me happier.” The CD also features Explosive!, a new track Deko-ze crafted with Juno winner Gavo featuring Camille Douglas on vocals.

Mixing the CD, however, wasn’t a bowl of cherries. “The curse that all DJs fear attacked,” recalls Deko-ze. “When I hit the record button, technical difficulties, digital drop-out, amnesia, bird flu, agrizoophobia and sleep deprivation tried to take me down, but in the end I got ‘er done.”

The end result is a hypnotic blend of house beats infused with an electro vibe thanks to fellow talents Fiorucci, deadmau5, M1, Hatiras, Marco G, DJ Kal, Joee Conns, Cajjmere Wray, MV, Jayforce, Preach, DJ Addy and Yug. Just The Tip, a single from the CD by Joey Seminara, Danny Nagels and MC Flipside has already logged the No. 1 spot on beatport.com, a popular online digital music store.

Dance buffs can check out beatport.com and iTunes to purchase full-length versions of the singles from the CD. The mixed compilation can be purchased at HMV or hibias.com. Audio previews are available at hibias.com/canadasfinesthouse. A nation-wide tour is expected to follow.

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