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Splish, splash: We’ve been tossed in a bath

Sucky. That’s how more than a few people who braved the puddle-laden crossways and sidewalks described their trudge through the city yesterday.

Usual pedestrian-friendly safe havens were turned into treacherous waterways surrounded by the sloppy remnants of the recent snowstorms.

“It’s soggy, wet, nasty, all of those adjectives,” said Matt Gomberg, 22, as he and his friend Rose Karshis, 19, plodded along to the Shaw’s on Brookline Avenue for some groceries.

Visiting from Cincinnati, an unlucky Gomberg didn’t have boots and circled around a puddle in his white sneakers.

While officials warned yesterday that the watery roads could make for an icy and slippery drive home, the pedestrian commute was equally challenging with the blocked and clogged storm drains creating the massive puddles.

At a crosswalk near Brookline Avenue and the Riverway, Emmanuel students Kyle Ford-Withrow and Leah Wachtelhausen plotted their route around a menacing body of water in their path.

Ford-Withrow took the long way around. Wachtelhausen and her tall rain boots waded across to the other side.

Just a little snow …

The only thing dividing Dennis Brown, an employee of NewSense Environmental Service, from the Brookline Avenue traffic was a small snowbank. Brown was hired by a property management company to clear a blocked storm drain that created a puddle nearly a foot deep. “It took me 40 minutes just to get to the drain,” he said.

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