Boston sports, stars, Halloween, costume
Kyrie Irving as a Continental map. Art: Billy Becerra, Photo: Getty Images

In honor of All Hallows’ Eve, we have compiled a list of Boston sports stars, and sports stars Boston fans love to hate, and have given them costume ideas. Without further adieu.




Kyrie Irving as A Continental map


You may have heard: the Celtics’ star kind of, sort of, believes the Earth is flat.



Rob Gronkowski as Porn star Bibi Jones

Gronk is definitely that guy in high school or college who dresses up as a girl. Gronk famously posed with young Bibi a few years back with his shirt off while she wore a Gronkowski 87 jersey with no pants on. It’s time to return the favor.


Isaiah Thomas wearing an “I Hate Danny Ainge” T-shirt with knife sticking out of his back

Ainge ironically wore an “I Hate Danny Ainge” T-shirt himself in the 80s when he got his hands on the item made by Detroit Pistons fans. The shirt is an Internet sensation these days (and is still available for purchase, FYI). Gotta think IT will buy one of these bad boys given what happened to him this year. The knife sticking out of his back is self-explanatory.



Eli Manning as A legitimate starting NFL quarterback

Manning and the Giants are 1-6 this season and he’s not even the best QB in New York right now. Yup, the immortal Josh McCown has better numbers than Lucky Eli in 2017.


David Price as Dennis Eckersley

Price can just slap on a mustache and wear a jersey T with the name, “Kirk Gibson’s B****” on the back. Easy peasy.


LeBron James wearing a Lakers jersey with the jersey number: “2018”

It’s a foregone conclusion LeBron is heading to LA next summer. If he had any sense of humor at all he would do something like this, but alas, The King does not.


Tom Brady as Roger Goodell

If only Brady was openly vindictive.


Bill Belichick as Donald Trump

Belichick in a suit, talking non-stop bulls*** all night. It’s perfect … and also amazing that these two opposites are (or were) casual friends.


Robert Kraft as Thomas Jefferson

Have you seen Kraft's hair lately? What is going on here? There's not much you can do with a grey mullet, other than be a member of the Whig Party.