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Send it in, Jarome

Could Jarome Iginla sign with the Bruins in the next few days?


It's entirely possible as Iginla actually practiced with the Providence Bruins this week and is looking to latch on with an NHL team before Monday's trade deadline. The 40-year-old Iginla is coming off of hip surgery and it's unclear if he can "still go." 



Just two years ago, Iginla had a 47-point season with the Avalanche. 


In the 2013-14 season (his only season in Boston), Iginla registered 61 points.


Iginla bought a home just outside of Boston this past summer, adding fuel to the speculation.


While an Iginla return to the Hub would make for a fun story, most Bruins fans would rather see the team add a young, star defenseman like Florida's Dmitry Kulikov in the next few days.



Reality show

WWE has always been at its best when it blurs the lines between fake and reality. They are certainly doing that these days as the biggest male draw on their cards continues to be former UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar, and now Ronda Rousey - the former UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion - is their top female draw.


Typically, top pro wrestlers also have to have the gift of gab as well as in-ring ability. But Lesnar has long had manager Paul Heyman do his talking for him. It's likely that Rousey will have to have a similar mouthpiece (maybe Heyman himself?) considering her bleep talking so far seems to be substandard.


It's a shame that the "UFC guy" with the best mic skills is former WWE champ CM Punk. Lesnar had a UFC bout a year and a half ago while under contract to WWE. Would be great if Rousey could work out a similar deal and if Punk could mercifully get out of the Octagon and back into the squared circle.



No Brinks Truck for IT

Jettisoned Celtics point guards have had a rough go of it in recent years. Isaiah Thomas is currently averaging 10.6 points per game with the hapless Lakers, and before IT it was Rajon Rondo who saw his career take a nosedive immediately after leaving Boston.


Rondo will never get back to his "triple double every other night" days and it already seems as though Thomas' as not only an MVP candidate but even an NBA starter are in serious jeopardy. Thomas will hit free agency this summer, and no team in the league will even entertain giving him the max contract he coveted for the past few years. 


The Lakers aren't going to re-sign him as he plays the same position as rookie Lonzo Ball and the Lakers want to take a serious run at LeBron James this summer. Having Thomas still on the roster would certainly hinder those plans.



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