Eli Apple (left) and his mother, Annie (right). (Photo: Getty Images)

Annie Apple is by and large one of the most interesting follows on Twitter, the NFL reporter for ESPN is also the mother of New York Giants cornerback Eli Apple. But there comes the time and place that the entertaining Apple — usually humorous and clever — manages to top herself.

That time came on Wednesday and the place was jury duty no less.

Annie, who rose to fame three years ago by letting NFL commissioner Roger Goodell know that the desserts were lacking at the draft, dove in fully to give a play-by-play of her time spent on jury duty. While making frequent mentions of actor Idris Elba throughout her tweets, Annie summed up the blend of frustration, boredom and sheer inspiration that comes from the shared suffering that is jury duty in all of its infuriating glory.

As of print, it appears that Annie’s day hasn’t seen her called to do anything more than watch ‘Property Brothers’ and find her fellow civic-minded (or civic-forced) fellow jury participants slightly irritating.


Oh, and plenty of Elba. Like cowbell, Annie can never have too much Elba.

Here’s a look at Annie’s inspirations and the good, bad and ugly of jury duty:

And then Annie had a mid-afternoon change of heart and decided to drop Elba like a bad habit:

Then it was back to observing the human condition that is jury duty:

Finally finished off by summarizing how everyone feels during jury duty. Or at the DMV. Or during Giants games last year under Ben McAdoo:

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