Ben McAdoo might not have lost the New York Giants locker room this past week but the locker room might just lose him after this latest farse. This after a week where the Giants head coach called reports of a disconnect between players and himself “fake news.”

Instead, after a botched game plan in a 31-21 loss at the San Francisco 49ers, McAdoo is a fake coach.

It was another rough day for the Giants, a team that doesn’t seem to have an identity on offense or defense other than a remarkable ability to lose. The latest example in the growing case against McAdoo was Sunday’s to the hapless 49ers. That the

Giants gave the 49ers their first win of the season to elevate San Francisco’s record to 1-9 was bad enough.


The way they did it was inexcusable and falls on their head coach’s shoulders.

The Giants may not have quit on McAdoo – at least most of the players seemed to gut it out – but what did permeate throughout the game was a team that still isn’t paying attention to the details.

All week long, the storyline and talking point around this Giants team is how they had quit on their head coach. A story surfaced with quotes from players – all anonymous – that the Giants had given up not just on their season but on their head coach.

The locker room didn’t help matters much, dodging the questions or giving lukewarm endorsements of McAdoo.

There was nothing anonymous about Sunday. The result, on the shoulders of every Giants player on that field, speaks volumes of where this team is going…and it surely isn’t up.

And while the Giants didn’t quit on Sunday against a team that came into the week at 1-9, they surely didn’t play like they were on the same page. This is a team that has superior talent and personnel over their opponent this past week. In fact, they have had better talent than almost every team they’ve faced so far this year.

The result is a record that now stands at 1-8.

So while the Giants may not have given up on McAdoo – and they may not be far off from throwing in the towel on him – what is clear is that their head coach is failing to get the most out of their team. This was another game that was theirs for the taking. If the Giants showed up and played, they should have been able to roll over San Francisco with no issues.

Look at the lack of use of Orleans Darkwa, who again produced fantastic numbers and yet the Giants handed him the ball just __ times. Or look at how the defense failed to have a gameplan to control C.J. Beathard, the rookie third round pick who is making just his fifth NFL appearance this week.

It boggles the mind how the Giants can be this bad, this inept and this poorly prepared to play a winless team. McAdoo may not have lost the locker room yet, a testament to the maturity of his players.

But against one of the worst teams in football, McAdoo lost this one for his locker room. ​

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