Aaron Judge tied Mark McGwire's rookie record with his 49th home run on Monday afternoon. (Photo: Getty Images)

In case you live under a rock in this city, the New York Yankees’ behemoth star that is Aaron Judge continues to absolutely rake.

After two home runs on Sunday — one that traveled 496 feet — Judge continued to set the pace as the league’s home run leader with 21 through his first 58 games.

How did this ball not dissolve into dust? Could you imagine what he would do to a watermelon? Why was that the first thing I thought of?


It was the longest home run hit this season, eclipsing the previous mark set by Chad Pinder of the Oakland Athletics when he slugged one 483 feet on May 20.

Out of his 21 round trippers, 10 have eclipsed the 425-foot mark as he just continues to mash bombs far enough to clear the wall at any venue, not just the bandbox that is Yankee Stadium.

Twelve of his homers would have left every single ballpark in the majors, not just the house that Jeter built.

So, we at Metro decided to break out our calculators, mash some numbers and pretend to be smart for a few moments.

In total, Judge’s 21 home runs have traveled a total distance of 8,713 feet, which is just about 1.65 miles worth of long ball.

I’m not sure if that simply does it enough justice, though as that is roughly six Empire State Buildings worth of traveling distance. But wait, there’s more:

Aaron Judge’s home runs have traveled as much distance as:

3.2 Burj Khalifas (tallest building in the world located in the United Arab Emirates)

4.9 Freedom Towers

6 Willis Towers (Chicago)

8.3 Chrysler Buildings

8.9 Eiffel Towers (Paris)

14.4 Space Needles (Seattle)

27.6 Big Bens (London)

46.8 Leaning Towers of Pisa

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