Knicks star Carmelo Anthony (right) discusses a play with teammate Kristaps Porzingis during the 2016-17 season. (Photo: Getty Images)
The Knicks do not deserve to have fans fill up Madison Square Garden every night if they don't produce a winning product, says Marc Malusis. (Photo: Getty Images)

The New York Knicks and basketball world are waiting to see what happens with Carmelo Anthony this offseason.

As his relationship with the team has frayed over the past few seasons, he is expected to waive his no-trade clause and allow the team to ship him off elsewhere.

It won’t be easy considering he will be owed over $44 million combined during the final two years of his contract.

But teams that are looking for a premier scorer will likely take a chance on him. So that got us thinking about the top possible destinations Anthony might go to and what it would take to acquire him:



Possible Trade Scenarios


1) Knicks get:

PG Austin Rivers

SG JJ Redick


Clippers get:

SF Carmelo Anthony



2) Knicks get:

SF Jae Crowder

SF Jaylen Brown

PG Terry Rozier


Celtics get:

SF Carmelo Anthony



3) Knicks get:

PF Kevin Love


Cavaliers get:

SF Carmelo Anthony



4) Knicks get:

C Enes Kanter

SG Victor Oladipo


Thunder get:

SF Carmelo Anthony

C Kyle O’Quinn



5) Knicks get:

PG Goran Dragic

PF Josh McRoberts


Heat get:

SF Carmelo Anthony



6) Knicks get:

C Jonas Valanciunas

PG Cory Joseph


Raptors get:

SF Carmelo Anthony



7) Knicks get:

SF Luol Deng

PG Jordan Clarkson

C Tarik Black

PG Tyler Ennis


Lakers get:

SF Carmelo Anthony

SG Courtney Lee

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