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Oops! Carmelo Anthony accidentally got his side piece pregnant

Yesterday, news broke that Carmelo Anthony and and his wife Lala Anthony had split. We wondered if the stress of the current NBA season had anything to do with it, but turns out the real reason is way more sinister and juicy. I’m talkin’ gossip gold.

According to TMZ, the 32-year-old went and got a stripper pregnant, which is so uninspired that I could vomit. Multiple sources tell the site that the New York Knicks player cheated on his wife with a woman who is gainfully employed at a New York gentleman’s cub. And now, she is claiming that she’s six-and-a-half months pregnant with Anthony’s kid. That’s not great! The mystery woman is demanding that Carmelo pitch in for all pregnancy and baby related costs, which he definitely should do.

The couple, who were engaged in 2004 and married in 2010, have been having a rough time of late. Melo and Lala’s marriage has reportedly been rocky for a while, and Carmelo impregnating a random woman certainly doesn’t help matters. Yesterday, a source told TMZ that the breakup was “amicable” and that they have “much respect for each other,” but if the news about the ol’ infidelity and impregnantion are true, I really doubt it. Neither of them have bothered to file for divorce yet, but TMZ reports that a reconciliation is unlikely. Not surprising.

Carmelo — who plays forward for a team that loses a lot — and LaLa — most famous for being an MTV VJ during a simpler time — were married for seven years. They share a son together, ten-year-old Kiyan.

I don’t want to tell LaLa what to do, but she should go ahead and leave him. Cheating on your wife and getting exotic dancers pregnant is all very 1997. It’s just not in, anymore. Nobody has time for that.

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