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Luke Petitgout certainly let the world know his thoughts about the New York Giants, this, as his old team fell to 2-12 on Sunday as a frustratingly disappointing year looks set to end with a whimper.


In a season that was supposed to see the Giants potentially challenge for the Super Bowl, ‘Big Blue’ instead has found winning to be a very difficult path to find. The Giants lost again this past Sunday, 34-29 at home to the Philadelphia Eagles, leading former Giants offensive lineman Petitgout to harken back to a time when his old team played with heart and found success.


In a video clip posted on Instagram, Petigout found a play from the Giants playoff loss to the Eagles in January of 2007. On the play, tight end Jeremy Shockey makes a catch then lowers his head to get a first down, his helmet flying off in the process.


Petigout posted the video early on Monday morning, several hours after the Giants dropped another game.


In the social media post, Petitgout wrote: “This is what it looks like when you don't suck. Bring back the Glory. #SHOCKEYFORGM


This is what it looks like when you don't suck. Bring back the Glory. #SHOCKEYFORGM

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The idea of Shockey as general manager notwithstanding, the Instagram message clearly shows the high frustration level that alumni of the Giants have in the franchise’s demise.

Petigout, retired since 2007, spent eight highly-successful years with the Giants. He’s posted on social media his support for quarterback Eli Manning recently after the Giants four-time Pro Bowl quarterback was inexplicitly benched three weeks ago.