Among one of the many possible moves the Mets could make this summer, outfielder Curtis Granderson could be on the move. (Photo: Getty Images)

It's OK if you've admitted that the New York Mets' 2017 season is already over. Given the way this team has dealt with injuries, drama — really any sort of adversity — there is absolutely no reason to believe that this team could miraculously turn things around within the next three months.

That is why the Mets will be sellers as Major League Baseball inches toward its August trade deadline. But they should not wait until the market fills up to pull the strings.

While the list is actually much longer than this, here are some players who the team should think about dealing within the coming weeks. 



Asdrubal Cabrera

The shortstop has made it known that he wants to be traded due to the Mets playing him at second base. Given the way his season has been going with injuries, it might not be easy for the Mets to send him off. New York also might not want to deal him because he is their most valuable available infielder right now with Neil Walker being injured and Jose Reyes having the worst season of his career. 

With Cabrera's contract up at the end of the season, the Mets should find a way to get something in return for him before he walks in free agency.


Matt Harvey

Harvey's value on the trade market is probably so low right now that the Mets would most likely scoff at the offers that came their way if they were to make him available. A fractured relationship with the club, injuries and poor performances on the mound will only push Harvey toward leaving when he becomes a free agent in two years. The Mets have to start fielding offers now and if the right scenario comes along, deal him and give the clubhouse a fresh start.


Curtis Granderson

If there is anyone that doesn't deserve to be traded, it's Granderson. The consummate professional has represented the Mets fantastically during his tenure here. However, he's not doing the team any good as a fourth outfielder and could be dealt to a contender that needs some added power near either end of their lineup. If there was one person Mets fans wouldn't mind rooting for to win away from the team, it's Granderson.


Lucas Duda

The streaky power hitter has proved unreliable at the dish and at the doctor's office. But an American League team that is looking for pop at first base would love to give Duda a chance, especially if that team has a short right field porch. Hmm, I think there's one of those teams across town. 


Jay Bruce

Bruce has been one of the Mets' most important bats throughout this tumultuous season, which could only drive his trade value up for a team looking for a rental around the trade deadline. 

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