Ranking NFL Week 5's best touchdown celebrations

ICYMI, make sure you catch these spectacular touchdown celebrations from last week's NFL action.

The NFL did the easy part — scaling back restrictions on teams for celebrations in the end zone. What they opened the floodgates for is up to the players themselves.


Week 5 has by far been the most creative and hilarious week of celebrations. Here's a recap and ranking of the best:


Chiefs: The dance party


There's no doubt Travis Kelce has moves, but NFL fans deserve more than just a random smattering of dancing after one of the tight end's punishing touchdowns. Or perhaps the juxtaposition of the fanciful prancing against the violent nature of football (Kelce later left with a likely concussion) is where the humor lies. Regardless, you can do better.


Rating: Yawn

Giants: The resuscitation

This celebration is almost ominous in it's foreshadowing. The Giants literally sent their entire wide receiving corps to the infirmary, with Odell Beckham Jr. himself out for the season as he will go under the knife to get surgery for his ankle. It's better than when he peed in the Eagles' end zone — but not much better.

Rating: A little too on the nose

Packers: The bobsled

The humor is there. The coordination, eventually, is there too, as the Green Bay bobsledders lean left and right for some hairpin turns. Overall a very solid piece of celebrating.

Rating: Watch out PyeongChang (2018 Winter Olympic site)

Eagles: The home run

Best for last, the Eagles claim this was a last-minute spontaneous idea. Extra points for Carson Wentz bending in to act as home plate umpire. Torrey Smith's first touchdown catch of the season, a 59-yard bomb, was less memorable than his swing afterwards. A little crowded there at the plate, but in all a fantastic celebration and likely the best of the year so far.

Rating: It's outta here!