Stampede Caravan ready to roll again – Metro US

Stampede Caravan ready to roll again

While many Calgarians wake up early during Stampede to eat their free breakfast, Ruth Ann Rayner gets up for a different reason — because she loves to volunteer.

Rayner has been a volunteer with the Stampede Caravan committee for 29 years.

“In the beginning my fiancé, who became my husband, was one of our batter beaters and of course I wanted to do what he did,” she said.

Rayner said she’s utilized her “cheerleader personality” to become the spokesperson and emcee for the caravan.

Rayner said what keeps her coming back are the people. After her husband Doug passed away in 1998, she had the support of her fellow caravaners.

“The Caravan committee is just so caring, it’s like a family,” she said.

Rayner said she will continue to volunteer with the caravan until the committee is ready to “put me out to pasture.”