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‘Star Wars’ on Blu Ray is getting better, or maybe worse

Hey, it’s time for another round of “Who ‘owns’ works of popular culture?” — George Lucas is changing “Star Wars” again, this time it’s for the upcoming Blu-Ray release of all six films.

How does Lucas’ proposed meddling stack up with his past efforts? We’ll score each, on a scale of 1-5 Greedos, with 1 Greedo being relatively innocuous and 5 Greedos being Greedo shooting first. Let’s get to it!

Replacing puppet-Yoda with CGI-Yoda in “The Phantom Menace”

Annoying, but who didn’t see this coming? George Lucas will not stop until every last vestige of the physical realm has been scrubbed from his work. 3 Greedos

Adding realistic eye movements to the Ewoks

No complaints here! 1 Greedo

Changing Obi-Wan Kenobi’s Krayt Dragon horn

We can’t remember what the original sounded like! 0 Greedos

Adding a “Noooo!” to the scene in “Jedi” where Vader kills the Emperor

You know what’s a great idea? Taking a (relatively) subtle, wordless scene, and adding cheesy generic dialogue that rams home the point! This is the worst. 4.5 Greedos

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