Staten Island babysitter indicted for murder in torture, death of toddler: DA – Metro US

Staten Island babysitter indicted for murder in torture, death of toddler: DA

Staten Island babysitter indicted for murder in torture, death of toddler: DA
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A Staten Island woman was slapped with a 12-count indictment — including charges of murder in the first and second degree — for brutally torturing and slowly killing a defenseless toddler she was babysitting earlier this year.

Gloria Fields, 31, is being charged for allegedly torturing 17-month-old Anthony Delgado for three days causing injuries throughout the child’s body that led to his death.

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According to prosecutors, on and between Feb. 19 and Feb. 21, Fields intentionally caused the young boy’s death through blunt force trauma to his head, as well as shaking him and/or slamming or throwing the child so he would hit his head on a hard surface or object.

Fields also allegedly slammed the boy’s head into the ground while he was strapped in a stroller, authorities said.

The torture allegedly continued as Fields inserted a pencil into the child’s anus and rectum for several days causing cuts to the anus and rectum, and tearing of internal organs.

The toddler’s injuries — which covered the boy’s entire body except for his feet — were sustained over a course of three days, prosecutors said, and occurred at various times inside the boy’s home at 195 Steuben St. in Staten Island and also inside the thrift store Buffalo Exchange at 332 East 11th St. in Manhattan.

“The grand jury has charged defendant with Murder in the First Degree, having found reasonable cause to conclude that the defendant caused the death of her 17- month-old victim in an especially cruel and wanton manner,” said Staten Island District Attorney Michael McMahon. “In so charging, the grand jury recognized, as the statute requires, that the defendant had tortured the child prior to his death.”

According to the New York Daily News, authorities said Fields — who is allegedly schizophrenic — had used heroin several times while taking care of the child and smoked marijuana.

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Fields initially told police Anthony had sustained the injuries after falling while playing in park, the Daily News reported. However, she later allegedly confessed to torturing the boy once his death was deemed a homicide.

The Daily News added that the boy’s mother, 25-year-old Marta Delgado, had left her son with Fields — who had watched the young boy before — to take care of things before moving into a new apartment.