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Staying in with Molly Sims

Would you rather get dressed up and hit the club on Saturday night, or stay in with your girlfriends wearing pajamas, drinking rose and playing Taboo? To each her own, but if you’re more in the latter camp, you’re not alone. “I think most people [prefer staying in],” says supermodel and actress Molly Sims. “Entertaining can be so fun. I love having great people over.” 

The author of “Everyday Chic: My Secrets to Entertaining, Organizing and Decorating at Home”  shares her hacks for easy home entertaining. Now you never have to leave the house again! 

 Have your go-to recipes 

Sims’ advice? “Don’t overthink it.” When Sims has guests over, she likes to serve at least one cocktail. She swears by her Supermodel Spiked Slushy: frozen rose, Belvoir Elderflower & Rose Lemonade blended and then garnished with sprigs of lavender. 

Having folks over to watch football? Put on a pot of turkey chili in the morning and it’ll be ready by late afternoon. Pair it with a mashed potato bar with fixings like chives and sour cream, and let your guests serve themselves.  

“It’s not about spending a lot of money, it’s more about being organized,” she says. 


Make things easy on yourself, suggests the mom of three. Don’t be afraid to use paper plates— go for the Bamboo brand, which are eco-friendly and look classier — to cut down on clean-up. Or, order take-out and then serve it on your nice china. “Serve your sparkling water or diet coke in a champagne glass with a slice of lemon, or add berries to your champagne. The devil is in the details,” she says. 

Flowers are a nice touch, but sometimes they’re expensive. “Get little votive candles, turn down the lights — they go a long way, my friend,” says Sims. 

A good playlist can make all the difference. “You know what [music] you and your friends like. Set the mood,” she says. 

Picking a theme

Want your friends to come to you? Entice them with a theme. 

“I’m all for a game night. I love Taboo, charades, Cards Against Humanity,” says Sims.

Netflix and chill works just fine, too. Pick the show you’re excited about (Sims raves about “Ozark,”)  and have friends over for a viewing party. 

For girls night, if you want to get a little fancier, have everyone pitch in $20 and have a masseuse or manicurist come over for a home spa night, Sims suggests. “When someone says, ‘Don’t wear make up, put on your best sweats and come over here,’ it’s so fun,” she says. 

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