Stelmach talks climate change with federal MPs - Metro US

Stelmach talks climate change with federal MPs

Climate change was of high priority during yesterday’s meeting between Premier Ed Stelmach and federal cabinet ministers.

“Energy, the environment, and the economy are interconnected and must be dealt with together” said Stelmach.

Jason Kenney reinforced the premier’s statement and said that “the focus is on developing new technologies to reduce C02 emissions.” He went on to say “funds involved in the development of technologies to reduce of climate change should stay here in Alberta.”

Kenney also announced that Alberta would be part of a Canadian delegation attending an international summit on climate change this year in Copenhagen.

“Alberta will have a key roll in the delegation to share its voice and its views,” he said.

“We will be participants,” Stelmach added, stressing the importance of Alberta’s input on determining climate change policy.

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