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Stieg Larsson: Sorry, there will probably not be a 4th book

Bad news for your parents! The long-rumored fourth Stieg Larsson novel is not going to happen. Guess you’ll just have to get your dad a tie for Fathers Day.

The disappointing news comes courtesy of Eva Gabrielsson, Larsson’s partner of 32 years, who in an interview with the BBC dismissed rumors that the author left behind a nearly finished fourth book when he died in 2004.

From BBC:

Gabrielsson told BBC Radio 4’s Woman Hour that there was “not much truth” in reports that [Larsson] left another novel on a laptop.

She said while he had written some new pages, there was not enough to shape another novel.

“There’s the beginning of a fourth novel,” she explained.

“I would estimate it to be about 200 pages, given what I saw in late August during our last vacation, and given what I knew of Stieg’s workload in his last two months.”

This is disappointing! Last time we left Lisbeth Salander (spoiler warning!) she had just exacted revenge upon her evil father and his tormenting minions, and also reconciled with Author Avator Mikail Blomkvist, so the Millenium trilogy did have some measure of closure. But still, we would have enjoyed seeing whatever pernicious right-wing schemes Salander and Blomkvist could take down next, with their classic mix of liberal idealism and hacking expertise. An evil capitalist conspiracy preying on immigrant taxi drivers? A cabal of nationalist politicians planning on outlawing free love?

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