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Stinky cheese for dinner and dessert at NYC’s French restaurants

Paris has a whole Cheese Fashion Week, so we're just saying give it a shot?
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The French have had a lot of good ideas, like Champagne and things you need three people to do. But not all of them have been so well-received, chief among them stinky cheese.

This week, the Tour de France restaurant group is on its 10th year of convincing NYC diners otherwise. Tonight marks the beginning of the Stinky Cheese Festival, where French restaurants around the city will serve special menus highlighting the acquired taste in ways intended to show off their unique charms (if you’re not ready for a full-on cheese plate).

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Here are some of the highlights:

At Broadway hotspot Marseille, the Stinky Bisque doubles down with a foam of Pont l‘Eveque and Alsatian muenster over veal tongue and crabapples.

Le Monde is taking the ultimate in accessible food — the cheeseburger — and improving everything about it with cheese, from filling it with mac & cheese and putting it between cheesy bread buns.

Dessert gets the stinky cheese touch in Pigalle’s Reblonchon bread pudding with honey ice cream.

The Stinky Cheese Festival runs from Feb. 22-28, and since each restaurant will offer different cheeses, either choose carefully or make a lot of reservations.

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