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Strategies for spring cleaning

If you need inspiration for spring cleaning, Method’s new microfibre cloths will be available in Canada in March.

As you look out the window and watch the snow softly falling, remember that spring really isn’t that far off. And one traditional way to prepare for the coming of spring is, of course, to gear up for an annual spring cleaning of your home–a ritual the design team looks forward to finishing.

Let’s face it, a stylish décor just doesn’t work as well if you have an inch of dust on your ceiling fans, or vents lined with dust. Before you try to inject some new style into your surroundings, do the preliminary housecleaning first. It might not be your idea of a good time, but you too will be overjoyed when you’re done. It makes a big difference!

Tammy and I have come up with a list of spring cleaning items that will prepare your home to be a clean and sparkling canvas for all your decorating efforts! We have tried to focus on those items that are not done regularly, but those that only need to be done once in a while but will help your home look great.

  • Dust vents, or clean with a wet sponge if necessary. No matter how stylish the rest of the room, dirty vents will get you a design crime ticket.

  • And while we’re on the subject of dirt, don’t forget to clean dusty lighting fixtures. Take them down and carefully wash and dry them.

  • Dust or wipe down baseboards, especially on top, where dust collects and can mar the look of an elegant décor.

  • Dust ceiling fans-you’d be surprised at how much collects over a winter. Just be sure to cover whatever is underneath the fan while you dust.

  • Take down window curtains and sheers and launder them, if possible. If not, make sure you give them a good vacuum and spot cleaning. If you have blinds on your window, take them down and give them a good sponge bath and dry them.

  • If the walls bear little fingerprints or are grimy or smeared in places, wash the walls with a clean sponge, water and a small amount of liquid soap. Walls around light switches usually could benefit from a light scrub.

  • In a bathroom, take down and launder a fabric shower curtain. Also take down and scrub your plastic liner. If the liner is beyond repair, get yourself a new one.

  • It’s a nasty job but somebody has to do it-empty and wash out the inside of garbage cans. Wipe down the outside as well.

  • Launder throw rugs. Floors and carpets may not need special attention if they are well maintained, but if they need a good cleaning, scrub down floors or, rent a carpet cleaning machine from a grocery store.

  • Chase those cobwebs away. Take a long handled brush and dust corners, ceilings and upper walls throughout the house.

  • Dust and clean all art and photos on the wall.

  • Dust and clean lamps-lampshades can be major dust collectors. Use a brush if the dust sticks.

  • Take apart and dust entertainment units and bookshelves and other places that are not dusted regularly.

  • Clean or replace doormats both inside and outside your house. Remember that these provide a first impression.

  • Dust the leaves of large-leafed plants in your home. And prune them and pluck off dead parts-nothing says neglect more than an overgrown or unpruned plant.

  • Last but not least, clean your windows, both inside and outside. Also rinse screens to clean off dust and dirt.

While this list isn’t complete (as they used to say, a housewife’s work is never done), it will give you that sparkle in all the places that count! And your décor will look that much more impressive, believe us!


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