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Striking the balance with home workspace

Whether its a dedicated room to run a full-time business or simply a small desk in the corner of a bedroom to pay bills, almost everyone has some form of workspace within their home these days.

What’s important is that the space works efficiently for your work needs and that it blends with your home’s decor. Here’s a few tips and ideas that will help you set up a work space that efficient, yet attractive:

Space needed: If you are a writer or computer gaming wizard then perhaps a comfortable chair and a laptop located in an airy space will work best. If you are a life coach then a separate bedroom-turned-office may fit the bill.

Its all in the timing: If you do your best work late at night, then keep a home office set up away from your bedroom and living room where you might be tempted to work in your bed or curled up on the sofa with the television on. Setting up space in the dining room, stairwell landing or attic are great areas that are removed from the comfort areas and will help to keep you focused.

Storage: Will a two-drawer file cabinet help to keep your paper trail at bay or do you need shelving and cabinets for art supplies and samples? Consider using everyday home items to help kep your supplies hidden away; an ottoman or bench seat with storage or the bottom storage of a china cabinet are great hiding spots. I once slip-covered a filing cabinet with beautiful fabric and added a glass top; it acted as an elegant night table in my bedroom and nobody ever knew.

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