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Strong hints Patriots Tom Brady may retire from NFL soon

It’s starting to look like the Patriots may have mortgaged the next 10 years of their franchise by trading Jimmy Garoppolo in order to run it back one or two more years with the greatest QB of all-time, Tom Brady.

Many Patriots fans are fine with this because, ya know, it’s Tom Friggin’ Brady –  but I strongly disagree with the idea.

The final installment of the “Tom vs. Time” Facebook thingy was alarming in that it had a “this is the end” type tone to it, and the docu-series’ director told The MMQB’s Peter King this week that he believes Brady is going to retire relatively soon.

“This idea that [Brady] is going to play for four or five more season … I mean, this is just me, the guy who’s been around him for a while now. I just have a hard time envisioning that, to be candid,” director Gotham Chopra said. “But we’ll see. I do think that these next few weeks and months are a critical time for him.”

Few weeks and months? What does that mean?!?!

Does Brady want Belichick to retire? Does he want Belichick to trade half the roster and future draft picks for AJ Green or some other elite receiver? Does he want his buddy Gronk to get paid?

One of Belichick’s key phrases these past 17 years has been, “ignore the noise.” Well, it’s becoming next to impossible to ignore the noise and drama that’s been emanating from Foxboro these past few months.


Work on your formulas, ESPN

ESPN The Magazine came out with a top 20 most dominant athletes of the past 20 years list this week and wouldn’t you know it – Peyton Manning finished third, behind Tiger Woods and LeBron James, and Tom Brady finished 20th.

It was thought that the Brady – Manning debate was over when Brady won his fifth Super Bowl title last year (Manning retired with two), but ESPN has no problem rekindling this flame.

The mag compiled the list based on some odd formula, and it likely the same people that brought us the worst football statistic of all-time earlier this decade … QBR!

You remember QBR, right? Late in the 2015 season, the Jets’ Ryan Fitzpatrick had fewer wins, yards, completions, touchdowns and a worse completion percentage than Brady, yet he had a decidedly better QBR than No. 12.

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