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Students form long food train for poor

Roughly 1,400 students lined up and passed food around four Catholic schools in Millbourne yesterday to a central location for Edmonton’s Food Bank.

Students lined up from the St. Hilda Junior High School near 38 Avenue and 76 Street all the way to the St. Theresa Catholic Parish on 75 Street and 29 Avenue.

It was a line that stretched to 1.8 kilometres.

“We wanted to make the greatest impact by showing kids how they can contribute to helping people in need in this area,” said David Warawa, a principal at St. Hilda Junior High.

Warawa says students have been collecting hundreds of dollars worth of food for months for the food bank, which has helped local church-goers in need at the St. Theresa Parrish.

The massive donation is part of a community project for students at St. Hilda Junior High, St. Elizabeth Elementary, Holy Trinity High and Frere Antoine Elementary. “This is very important, and sometimes, people don’t have time to help the unfortunate,” said 12-year-old Juan Tyler, a Grade 7 student from St. Hilda Junior High.

Warawa says the project helps students understand “the importance of helping one another.”

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