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Students meet young stars of The Lion King

Over 100 students had the opportunity to meet four inspirational child stars, all eleven and under, from Broadway’s musical The Lion King at the Citadel Theatre yesterday.

The students got to sit in front of the panel of the four child stars and the director, and had the chance to ask questions about the experience, including what it is like to perform live in front of thousands.

“It’s really great because I get to see kids’ faces and grownups’ faces like ‘wow, look at her she is so pretty, and she is doing a big huge thing,’ it’s really great for me,” said Jamariana Tribble, 11, who plays Young Nala.

She said her mother, actress Tasha Scott, inspired her to be an actor as well.

“I was like ‘wow; I want to do that, mommy’,” said Tribble about her mother’s inspiration.
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