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Studying abroad can be alluring

Many students dream of completing their education internationally. The lure to study in a foreign country can be captivating and exciting.

Kruti Dalvi knows first-hand what it’s like to study abroad. Currently an international student in her second semester in creative advertising at Seneca, Dalvi sheds some light on what potential students need to know before going to an international school.

Having completed a Diploma in Applied Arts in her home country, Dalvi describes the differences between Mumbai and Toronto.

“There were some big adjustments when I decided to study in Canada,” said Dalvi. “For instance, the academic terminology is different. In India, we call courses what Canadians call programs. And in Canada, what are referred to as courses are called subjects in India.”

Simple terminology, course workload and even cultural adjustments require time to get accustomed to.

When making the decision to study abroad, students need to consider many factors, including the quality of education and not just the country of choice. Dalvi advises students to focus on the school and program, and not to get caught up in the appeal of specific destinations.

“I considered many schools before deciding to come to Seneca; schools in Australia, New Zealand, England and the U.S.,” she said. “But I was drawn specifically to Seneca as the program aligned well with my future career goals. The curriculum is specific, perfectly structured and focuses on training graduates for a job in the field.”

Going abroad has been an exciting and valuable experience for Dalvi. She has adjusted well and feels confident in her decision to come to Seneca.

“The faculty and staff are so professional and truly care about the success of their students,” she said. “I don’t know why Toronto students who want a career in advertising would go anywhere else.”

Although Dalvi enjoyed experiencing snow for the first time and survived the harsh cold of a Canadian winter, she is now looking forward to the spring and continuing her academics, and eventually a Canadian internship.

Dalvi’s final piece of advice: “Students go abroad to better themselves, professionally and personally. Committing to an international education is a big decision that has to be based on what is right for your future and career aspirations.”

– Tracy Rogers is the Career Services Co-ordinator for Seneca College, Seneca@York Campus.

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