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Stuffing your face without draining your wallet

Pizza Corner in downtown Halifax has been a legend for generations of students, and while its big slices might not be irresistible in the broad daylight, it’s as fresh as oasis water on your way home at 1 a.m.

Neil Bailey, a second year masters student in urban planning at Dalhousie University, suggests any Alexandria’s outlet or Kit Kat Pizza on Gottingen Street for a fancier feast.

One of his all-around favourites for breakfast or lunch is Mary’s Place Café at 2752 Robie St. or the new 5982 Spring Garden Rd. location.

“You definitely need to go there,” he said. “It’s good without being pretentious.”

Other brunch spots are Loose Canon on Argyle Street, which has breakfast from $3.99.

“Most people could get their cheap hangover breakfast. People who are feeling sharper could get an omelette or something more adventurous.”

Asked for his favourite evening meal spot, Bailey thinks for a moment before suggesting Potluck. It’s not a restaurant, but money-saving option.

The Good Food Emporium on Gottingen Street does offer affordable and delicious meals, including vegetarian, during business hours.

When you do wind up at Pizza Corner, Bailey recommends you bypass the pizza and donairs and opt for the cheese manush.

“It’s probably the best part of the menu,” he says. “It’s healthy and good stuff-your-face-after-bar food.”

Paper Chase on Blowers Street has you covered for a good breakfast or lunch. The café overlooks Argyle Street, making it an ideal location for sipping coffee and people-watching, and the well-stocked magazine store downstairs offers ample reading material.

For evening drinks and pub grub, Henry House on Hollis Street offers a lot of traditional Halifax charm and a great deck in the warmer months. Nearby Darrell’s on Fenwick Street, in the shadow of mighty Fenwick Tower, is rightly celebrated for its milkshakes and peanut-butter burgers.

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