Styrofoam ban to take effect in Cambridge - Metro US

Styrofoam ban to take effect in Cambridge


Cambridge will join Somerville, Brookline and other Bay State municipalities in banning certain kinds of Styrofoam containers on Thursday when the city’s new law to prohibit them takes effect.

The law prohibits businesses from serving food or drinks in single-use, disposable polystyrene containers, the Associated Press reported.

Foam containers can still be used to package raw meat, fish or eggs, but city officials are urging businesses to use reusable or recyclable containers for prepared food and drink.

City council approved the ban last year, citing environmental concerns. Scientists aren’t sure exactly how long the product takes to biodegrade, but some estimates put it as high as a few centuries or more.

Each year, Americans throw away 25 billion Styrofoam cups, enough to circle the Earth 436 times, according to Harper’s Index.

As for Dunkin’ Donuts: the coffee chain already developed a replacement for its iconic styrofoam cups when Brookline adopted its ban in 2014, made of paper with a double-walled design.

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