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Suburban growth worries alderman

Calgary currently has enough land supply to provide suburban housing for 269,000 people, according to a city report released yesterday, but a city alderman is concerned about the sprawl.

Ald. Druh Farrell said she isn’t surprised the annual Suburban Residential Growth Report says the city has enough land supply for the equivalent of three cities the size of Red Deer.

“My concern is we’re planning so far ahead and the world is changing so I’m not sure we’re being nimble enough,” she said, adding some recently completed communities were started 20 years ago.

Farrell said there should be a push for more Garrison Woods type communities in the city.

“We should look at the success of Garrison Woods and duplicate the elements that made it so resilient. We need to ensure communities don’t need a car to get a carton of milk.”

The city’s director of land use Mary Axworthy said the numbers mean the city is not only meeting the city requirements but exceeding them, too.