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Summer break? Not really. Time to prep.

Summer between high school and college
Summer between high school and college

High school is going by fast. College is just around the corner, and the summer is a huge, open field of possibility. You’ve been looking forward to bumming around on the couch watching “Riverdale” and snacking, but could your time be better spent on college preparation? 

College prep doesn’t have to be scary or boring. Catch these tips—you could end up having the best summer of your life.


Read, read, read

Read from your recommended list for next year, take a look at next year’s textbooks, invest in cultivating speed-reading skills, because one thing’s for sure — you’re going to be completely overwhelmed by the pages you’re meant to compute your first year in Big Kid School. Do anything you can to get your nose in some books, because you’ll need to be practiced and disciplined at reading if you want to do well in college. Even reading for pleasure will keep your brain in top shape for learning.


Contribute to society

Deliver pizzas, file tax stuff for your mom, teach seniors about filters on SnapChat … there are endless fun ways to carve out a place for yourself in the big, wide world while you’re waiting for school to start again. If you find yourself stumped, check out resources like Habitat for Humanity, TeenLife, or Philadelphia Youth Network to find out about volunteer opportunities in your area.


Spot school-supply deals

You’ll have to start doing your own shopping pretty soon, and probably on a shoestring budget. Get in the habit of looking for bargains now — you’ll get practice taking care of yourself and your parents will appreciate the help.


Take a summer course

One of the best ways to prep for college is to take a college course. Boston University’s Summer Term program gives high school students the opportunity to “immerse [themselves] in college academics and campus life, open [their] minds to new subjects, bond with high school students from around the country and globe, and experience summer in beautiful Boston.” But Boston University isn’t the only college that has programs that offer the college experience, academic challenge, and new friends to high school students—Temple University, Boston Architectural College, and NYU have great programs worth checking out.

Summer break

Hang out

College isn’t all work and no play. You’ll get to meet friends and start new adventures in college, but you still deserve to have fun with the friends you already have. Give yourself a break — go on a road trip, hop on a train,or walk down to your favorite fro-yo place. You don’t have to spend money to cultivate friendship, either — plus, you’ll be doing your own mental health a favor.

There are tons of ways to have a cool, productive summer — get creative! You’ll walk onto your future college campus having earned the kick in your step.


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