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Sun shines into the Hydrostone

Looking for home decor inspiration? Let the sun be your muse. That’s what interior designer Dawn Munden realized when she walked into the model suite at Hydrostone Place. Surrounded by huge windows, sunlight poured over the gleaming floors and shining countertops, giving the space a sense of tranquility.

“I didn’t want to do anything to the space that would take away that feeling,” Munden explained. As the owner of Update Interiors, Munden set to work designing the model suite ensuring that everything she did would complement the open-concept living area.

She kept the furnishings light and airy, using neutral sofas and small rounded tables. With condos, Munden said it’s important to keep scale in mind furniture that’s too large will overwhelm the space.

Though decorating in neutral tones help create a space that appeals to buyers, Munden said it’s important to know when you need a pop of colour.

“I feel that every room should have at least one piece that grabs you, and just makes you fall in love with that room,” Munden explained. She created interest in the soft grey bedroom by choosing sharp black furniture and punchy black art. The creamy sofa and chairs in the living room are brightened up with fresh green pillows.

Interior designer Pam Tower of Tower Interiors Ltd. chose the flooring, tile, cabinets and paint colours. Balancing rich, warm woods with light walls, Tower chose finishes that were modern and neutral, but had “enough colour to be unique.”

Located at 5541 Russell St. in the trendy Hydrostone District, the building boasts underground parking, an exercise room, and even a games room for entertaining. On warm summer evenings, the units’ expansive balconies make a peaceful retreat — some are an impressive 250 square feet, and overlook the Halifax waterfront. The historic area got its name after the Halifax Explosion, when its homes were re-constructed using cement blocks called hydrostone.

Munden said while the units are gorgeous, the building’s most fab feature might just be “location, location, location.” Though it’s located just minutes from bustling Barrington Street, the neighbourhood maintains a quiet, European feel.

Available immediately, the remaining suites at Hydrostone Place range from 1,345 to 1,451 square feet, and cost between $287,746 and $303,620. See www.hydrostoneplace.com

– Heather Clarke is a Halifax-based writer with a penchant for pretty things.