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Super Boston security expected for Super Bowl Sunday


As the Patriots prepare take on the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XLIX Sunday night, Boston law enforcement is preparing to take on crowds of sports who are expected to get rowdy regardless of the outcome.

Thousands of Bostonians are expected to hit the sports bars early in the day to stake out their seats, surrounded by beer and big screen TVs. But like many bars, Poe’s Kitchen at The Rattlesnake in the Back Bay will be taking precautions in the name of safe celebration.

“We are expecting upwards of 400 people, and of course we will have security personel to make sure everything is under control,” said Poet’s Kitchen General Manager Chris Sheridan.

During big game events, bars often restrict access after half time. A lot of times, they will cover windows so fans won’t congregate outside the bars to peer through the windows to watch the games on the big screen televisions.

“The last thing the city wants is people loitering out front,” said Sheridan. “The city asks that once people leave we don’t allow readmittance. We try to follow all the rules and regulations the city of Boston requires.”

Massachusetts State Police, the Boston Police Department and MBTA Transit Police say they ‘ll put an undisclosed number of extra cops on patrol for game day out of an abundance of caution.

“Like everyone, we’re hopeful and anticipating a Pats victory,” said MBTA Transit Police Lt. Richard Sullivan. “With that always comes celebration. We just ask that people be respectful and not get carried away, and the show the true professionalism of a Pats fan.”

The transit agency handled the Patriots’ last Super Bowl win in 2005 without any major problems, Sullivan said, as well as several other big sporting events, like the World Series.

Additional patrol officers will be on scene at Kenmore and North stations, Sullivan said, as well as some other stations centrally located T stations.

State Police spokesman David Procopio said the department is finalizing its operations plan. State Police will have extra troopers, including patrol units, the motorcycle and mounted units, and other tactical units specialized in crowd control on duty to assist with crowd and traffic control following the game

“Our main area of focus will be Boston, where we will assist Boston Police and also take primary responsibility for state highways and state property,” said Procopio . “But we will also have additional assets assigned to Amherst and Dartmouth, two areas with large college campuses that, in past years, have held large celebrations following professional championship games.”

Boston Police are still putting their security plan in place, said Officer Rachel McGuire. As with all major sporting events, civilians can expect to see more men and women in blue on game day.

“So far everything is just precautionary,” said McGuire. “We just ask everyone to celebrate responsibly and be respectful to the city and fans.”

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