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Super Bowl 101

You’ve been roped into watching the Super Bowl on Sunday. Know nothing about the NFL? It will be the most watched TV event of the year and chances are you’ve probably been invited to a party somewhere.

Here is everything you need to know to enjoy the game and a few inside hints to make you look like an expert.

Who is Playing

Pittsburgh Steelers vs Green Bay Packers.

Two of the most storied franchises in the NFL will meet up in Arlington, Texas, for Super Bowl XLV.

The Steelers are six- time Super Bowl Champions and last won in 2009. They’re coming into the game with a swaggering, “been there, done that” attitude.

The Packers have won three Super Bowls but are the holders of twelve championships — more than any other team in NFL history. They last won the Super Bowl in 1997 and are hungry to take Vince Lombardi’s trophy back to Green Bay.

Here’s an easy way to enjoy the game. Pick a team and cheer for them when they score.
Let the experts dissect the game and talk about it for years to come (and they will).

Gotta have grub
Leave the crab stuffed mushrooms and duck pate off the menu. You’ll need platters of heart- stopping snacks from all the major football food groups: Beer, chili, hot wings, beer, beef on a bun, beer, pizza, beer and nachos smothered in layers of cheese. Did I mention you’ll need some beer? Stock up.

Don’t bother with the cute theme cake featuring a large chocolate football in the middle of a green mint icing field. Waste of time. After they finish chowing down the chili, pizza and nachos you won’t need dessert.

But if your crowd is still hungry bring out another batch of hot chicken wings.
They’ll thank you. Trust me.

Who to watch

Pittsburgh Steelers – AFC Champions

Troy Polamalu
No. 43 Safety: Defensive Player of the Year. Nursing an Achilles injury but unless he’s handcuffed to a hospital bed expect him to play. He’ll be the one with the long, black, curly locks flowing from his helmet. Can’t miss him.

Ben Roethlisberger
No. 7 QB: Two-time Super Bowl winner. Coming off a tough year personally and is looking for redemption by leading the Steelers to Super Bowl glory.

Green Bay Packers – NFC Champions

Aaron Rodgers
No. 12 QB: Has all the weapons. Looking to step out from behind the shadow of his predecessor, Brett Favre.

Clay Matthews
No. 52 LB: Fourteen quarterback sacks this season and 3.5 through the playoffs so far. He’s a man on mission. Look out Big Ben.

You will notice a lot of people in the stands wearing big triangles of fake cheese on their heads because Packers fans are called “Cheeseheads.” The state of Wisconsin is known for its cheese production and what started out as an insult in 1987 has turned into a tradition. They have fun and look goofy but never doubt the passion or sincerity of the “G Force.”

Steelers fans are a rabid bunch and will be waving Terrible Towels — their good luck blankie. The Steeler Nation will be the first to remind anyone cheering for Green Bay that their team won the Super Bowl two years ago while the Packers haven’t won since 1997. Whatever. Bragging rights are on the line and expect the noise from the stands to be LOUD.


Don’t miss the halftime show because it’s always a spectacle on Super Sunday. Remember Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction in 2004 now referred to as “Nipplegate”? Keep an eye on the clock and when two quarters have passed in the game make sure you’re in front of the TV. The Black Eyed Peas are set to rock Cowboys Stadium. “I Gotta Feelin” they’re gonna “Boom Boom Pow”!

The U.S. TV commercials within the Super Bowl telecast have become an event on their own. The corporate giants pull out all the stops in entertaining the masses and everybody talks about them for weeks after. We don’t get all the U.S. commercials here on the Canadian broadcast but the ones we do see are pretty entertaining.

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