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Super Bowl XLV predictions … sure to go wrong


Super Bowl pick?
Answer: GB 23, PIT?17
By: Sean Quinn, Metro NY sports editor
Confidence level: ??? (out-of-4)
We had Green Bay in the Super Bowl back in the preseason — forget the fact we picked them to lose to the Bengals.
MVP: Aaron Rodgers. He’s a rock star on turf, plus Pittsburgh has no lockdown corners.

Super Bowl pick?
Answer: GB 28, PIT 24
By: Mike Greger,
Metro Philly sports editor
Confidence level: ???
The defenses are a push, but Rodgers leads the game-winning drive, ending it with one last championship belt.
MVP:?Rodgers. It almost always goes to QBs — unless your name is Trent Dilfer.

Super Bowl pick?
Answer: GB 24, PIT 14
By: Adam Smartschan, Metro Boston sports editor
Confidence level: ???
Rodgers makes them a trendy pick and rightfully so.
MVP: B.J. Raji. “The Fridge” won a title, now it’s time for “The Freezer.”


Who stands to lose the most on Sunday?
Answer: Omar Epps
Confidence level: ??
You may think Rodgers because, with a loss, he’ll remain in Brett Favre’s shadow. Epps, though, has the biggest stake in the game. If Pitt wins, people will start saying, “Hey, you look like Mike Tomlin,” not the other way around.

How much will James Harrison be fined?
Answer: $75,000
Confidence level: ?
The Steelers’ All-Pro LB has been fined $125,000 this season for violent hits on opponents. If he lays out the NFL’s next great poster child in Rodgers, Roger Goodell may just suspend him all of next season — whenever that is.

Who will have the worst weekend?
Answer: SMU campus bars
Confidence: ?
Texas’ talent > Georgia’s. Dressed in nothing but a Terrible Towel, Big Ben, who, “like[s] to be the hunter,” earns more allegations before kickoff.


What will be the biggest distraction?
Answer: Fergie’s booty
Confidence level: ??
Big girls may not cry, but Fergie’s rump can bring a grown man to tears. The Steelers returned a pick six to end the first half of SB XLIII, this time Big Ben will toss one as he fixates on Fergie prepping for the halftime show.

Will Cowboys Stadium itself be a distraction?
Answer: No, but its owner surely will
Confidence level: ?
Egomaniac Jerry Jones shows up on the sidelines for every game. He might try to sneak in a play call to Tomlin.

Off the field

What’s under Brett Keisel’s fierce beard?
Answer: Brick of cheddar cheese
Confidence: ?
The Steelers’ DE will dig deep into “The Beautiful Thing” and devour the cheese in victory.


Which player is most likely to be arrested at a strip club?

Answer: Vince Young
Confidence: ??
Seems like this happens every year. VY is a hot-headed, soon-to-be unemployed Texan. Watch out.

Faces in the crowd

Who won’t we see at Jerry World?

Answer: Candice Crawford
Confidence level: ??
Tony Romo won’t let his fiancee and former Miss Missouri anywhere near this game. If she attends, she’ll actually witness a winning team and may leave the Cowboys’ quarterback for someone actually worthy of her hand.

Who will we see?
Answer: Cowboys cheerleaders
Confidence level: ??
Neither the Packers nor Steelers have cheerleading squads. Isn’t that un-American? It’ll be um, educational, to see how much the Dallas squad has progressed since first coming together on CMT’s “Making the Team.”

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