Support for a smaller council growing – Metro US

Support for a smaller council growing

Support for a smaller HRM council is growing, according to a recent poll.

The Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board will be examining HRM districts and determining the number of councillors required.

Council voted in August to keep their numbers at 23 plus the mayor.

But a second poll released yesterday by Corporate Research Associates shows more residents want a smaller council.

Back in August 47 per cent wanted a smaller council and now that number is 69 per cent.

“Clearly there is concern for the size of council and I think the public is thinking the right way, and we need to respond accordingly,” said Mayor Peter Kelly.

“I have no hesitation with supporting a reduced council.”

No hearing date has been set by the UARB. Kelly said the board has hired a consultant to look at council size before they set a hearing date.

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