Support gathers for lesbian music teacher - Metro US

Support gathers for lesbian music teacher

Roughly 40 people turned up at a march yesterday near Little Flower Academy (LFA) in Vancouver to show solidarity with lesbian music teacher Lisa Reimer.

The marchers said they believe that Reimer is the victim of homophobia and discrimination.

“Homophobia should not be tolerated under any circumstances,” said teacher David Butler, the event organizer. “And when a school fires a teacher (based on sexual orientation and family status), it sends the message that that’s OK.”

Butler argued that institutions that discriminate based on “immutable characteristics,” such as sexual orientation and race, should not be entitled to public funds. LFA receives a substantial portion of its funding from the provincial government.

The school’s administrators deny firing Reimer. They say she is on parental leave, and will continue to be paid until the end of her contract.

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