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Suspected terror plot prompts Rochester to cancel New Year’s Eve fireworks

Fireworks at Rochester's Frontier Field in 2005.
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After the FBI said it arrested a New York man on terror related charges, the city of Rochester announced it was canceling its New Year’s Eve fireworks.

Initially, at 5:20 p.m. on New Year’s Eve, the city itself tweeted a simple message, saying that the fireworks were “cancelled.” A minute later, the city then added that “festivities inside the Convention Center and at MLK ice rink are still on for tonight.”

TWC News named the man suspected of the scheme as Emanuel Lutchman, a local resident cops said planned the “attack at a local bar to prove to the Islamic State Group he was worthy to join it in Syria.”

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ABC News added that Lutchman was in contact with who he thought were representatives of ISIS. Instead, he was communicating with “three paid FBI informants.” The FBI told ABC News that Lutchmanhad “strong support” for ISIS and a “hatred for everything in America.”

The Rochester Democrat & Chronicled reported that Lutchman was arrested on Wednesday by the Rochester Joint Terrorism Task Force, a unified force including members of the FBI and police. “Before that,” the D&G explained, “he allegedly made a video on a mobile telephone pledging allegiance to ISIS and claiming responsibility for the planned attack.”

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At a press conference on New Year’s Eve, the mayor of RochesterLovely Warren thanked the FBI for working with local authorities to keep citizens safe. She added that if citizens see something, they should “say something.”

After the allegations were made againstLutchman, municipalofficials said canceling the fireworks festivities would free up law enforcement resources to focus on safety instead of crowd control.

The city added that it would also deploy “additional police resources this evening to ensure” that residents “have a safe and happy New Year’s Eve.”

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