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Suspension a risk for Tufts nude runners

Tufts students are being warned to keep their pants on this December.

Officials at the university are threatening to suspend students for an entire semester in the spring if they disobey a ban on the annual Naked Quad Run, which was nixed by officials last March.

According to the university’s website, the event was canceled “following a problem-plagued [run] on the last day of classes” in December 2010.

Last week, a unanimous vote passed by the school’s Committee on Student Life backed that ban adding that any student apprehended defying the order, “constituted by public nudity or public intoxication” will be subject to disciplinary suspension for a semester.

The university warned students that even attempting to organize the run subjects them to those actions.

Even an underwear run was ousted.

“University officials will use their judgment to determine whether an individual’s public seminudity constitutes a violation of the ban,” an amendment to the Tufts Code of Conduct states.

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