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Sustainable development is key

Development has become a major concern for residents of Tantallon. With the appearance in recent years of a number of large chain stores at the area known as the Crossroads, these developments have caused “a radical change to the rural nature of the village,” says one community organization.

“This community is not anti-development. It would just like to have development that respects
community values,” says John Leon, a strategic planner with the St. Margaret’s Bay Stewardship Association.

The organization is concerned with how the developments at the Crossroads have caused the area to lose its village atmosphere.

Through lobbying efforts, there has been some progress as some of the retailers have made changes to their properties, making them fit more in line with the Association’s values, such as Canadian Tire putting in some biking and walking paths.

Working with HRM and regional councillors, Leon hopes to establish a village plan that would provide a framework for development at the Crossroads. This plan would address things such as architectural design and preserving the natural environment.

Just down the road on the Peggy’s Cove Road (across from Acadian Maple), there is a development in the works that appears to be more in line with the community’s values.

Three local businesses are getting together and building a 6,500 foot square foot commercial centre to house their businesses, as well as some additional tenants.

“We’re trying to do this in such a way that the building is designed to fit in with the community,” says Anthony Fielding, the owner of Bluenose Accounting.

Construction hasn’t yet started, but he hopes the building will be ready by December.

The other businesses involved in the project are Bay Insurance & Financial and St. Margaret’s Bay Massage Therapy.

Fielding wants the development to be as green as possible, well-landscaped and pleasant to look at.

“I want it to be something the community can be proud of,” he says.

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