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Sustainable Scandinavia: Living in harmony with the environment

Scandinavians are known for their progressive and modern lifestyle, combined with their long­standing history and traditions. The environment and closeness to nature, alongside family life, play an important part of everyday life for Danes, Swedes and Norwegians. All year long you’ll find Scandinavians out taking pleasure in nature — whether hiking, biking, or enjoying a long summer’s night with family and friends.

Named the Happiest Nation on Earth in numerous surveys, Denmark and the capital city of Copenhagen is a picture of a relaxing and tranquil atmosphere. Copenhagen, is a perfect blend of innovative architecture and design alongside royal castles and historic buildings. Indulge in charming districts, fine gourmet dining, or shopping in the many design boutiques. Danes are also world leading in ‘pedal power’. In Copenhagen alone, close to 40% of residents take to biking every day. Visitors can even take advantage of free city bikes to get around and enjoy the sights.

Traveling on the roads of Norway, the country of the midnight sun, a magnificent landscape surrounds you with fjords, mountains, and an extraordinary coastline that will take your breath away. An absolute must is the National Tourist Routes, with daring architecture that stands out from the backdrop, designed to add another dimension to exciting view points and rest stops.

To further explore Norway, be sure to check in at The Juvet Landscape Hotel. The hotel was designed to blend in with the surroundings in an attempt to make it one with nature.

Sweden has kept many of its original buildings and is working hard to keep them in good condition. A great example of this is the Old Town in Stockholm the best-preserved medieval city center in Europe Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, is well known for being a green sustainable city. In 2010, it received the European Green Capital award by the eu Commission, making it the first city ever to do so. Stockholm consists of one third parks, one third water, and one third urban areas and attractions, making it a city that has something for everyone.

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