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Sweet Eliza wants a fur-ever family for snuggles during the blizzard

Looking to adopt a pet? Are you ready to welcome a new furry family member into your home? Each week Metro New York will bring you the profile of an adoptable dog or cat from North Shore Animal League America, the world’s largest no-kill shelter and adoption center.

And don’t forget, we love happy endings! If you adopt one of the animals featured here, we’d love to hear (and see) how your newly larger family is doing.


Good news for Jingles and her new fur-ever family. A spokeswoman from North Shore Animal League America was thrilled to tell Metro “Jingles found a loving home this weekend!”

We’re happy, too, that Jingles jingled her way into someone’s heart.


This week is a “two-fer” with two adoptable pets — one cat and one dog. Let’s start with Jingles, the feline.

Jingles is a six-year-old domestic short-haired cat rescued from the New York Tri-State area. Friendly and loveable, she would be the perfect companion for a quiet household that loves relaxing and snuggling.

“Jingles is a quiet observer who enjoys the company of other cats,” Kennel Manager Jessica Uster said. “She currently spends her time in our Purina Cat Habitat with six other feline friends!”

Jingles wouldn’t mind living with children and/or other pets. Please send any inquiries about Jingles to DoritS@animalleague.org.

Eliza is a small, two-year-old beagle mix rescued from Virginia. Just like Jingles, this pup is sweet, but she is also a bit shy. Give her the right time and love, she’ll open up when she is comfortable.

“Eliza was very unsure of her new surroundings when she arrived to our Port Washington campus,” said North Shore Animal League America Kennel Manager Rachael Rudman. “Thanks to the dedicated staff and volunteers who trained and worked with her every day, Eliza is now comfortable going for walks on a leash as well as playing with other dogs and puppies in our dog park.”

Eliza would thrive in a calm household with children over the age of 10. If you are looking for a docile, gentle, small breed pup to be your companion, Eliza could be the one for you. As she is part beagle, she would likely do better in a private home with a fenced in back yard instead of an apartment.

If you are interested in adopting Eliza, please contact RachaelR@animalleague.org with any inquiries.


His name is Donny and he’s ready to sign an executive order into your heart. The 7-year-old domestic short-haired tabby is the ying to Bella’s yang (see Bella below). While Bella is high energy,“Donny loves lounging around in our Purina Cat Room and uses every scratching post he can find!” kennel manager Rosie Tombolo said.

“Donny” Trump grew up in Queens, but this Donny grew up in Harlem and doesn’t live in the White House. Is there a place for him in your home?

Donny (Adoption Number: BF1208) would do best in a laid back household with children over the age of 10 and with no other pets. If you feel your home would complement this feline’s needs, please e-mail DoritS@animalleague.org.


Bella is a “spunky” 6-month-old American pitbull terrier mix whose favorite things include playing with toys and sitting for treats, her fur-now family at North Shore Animal League America said:

“Bella is working on her manners and obedience with our Pet Behavior staff,” Kennel Manager Rachael Rudman said with excitement. “She is learning new commands and becoming more housebroken every day!”

Bella, rescued from Tennessee, would be perfect for an active family with kids over the age of 12 who know how to handle a smart and active puppy, the shelter said.

If you are interested in adopting Bella, email EricaK@animalleague.org and bring your whole family — dogs included —to come meet this spunky gal!


Pickles was adopted over the weekend, a spokeswoman for North Shore Animal League America said. Happy trails and “tails” to Pickles!


Our first pooch pick is Pickles (adoption numberV35836), a 7-year-old cattle dog mix rescued from Virginia. She is housebroken and, like all romantics, loves taking long walks, her human companions at North ShoreAnimal League America said.

Also, be ready to get kisses and dole out belly rubs.

“Pickles is an affectionate, well-mannered canine who adores the company of her two legged friends,” North Shore Animal League America Kennel Manager Jessica Uster said.”She is the definition of a lap dog who will curl right up on your lap and beg for head rubs.”

Pickles would thrive in a calm household with children over the age of 8. If you have a respectful prospective canine sibling for Pickles, the shelter suggests bringing big bro or sis down to meet Pickles on her current home turf.

If you’re interested in welcoming Pickles into your heart and home,please e-mail RachaelR@animalleague.org.

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