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Swineapple could be the most obnoxious Pinterest food trend ever


Grilled pineapple, if you haven’t tried it already, is a heavenly delight. The heat does something to the fruit’s sugar and makes summer magic in your mouth. And in the spirit of “if that’s good, let’s make it better” stakes-upping, a Texas man has introduced the world to “swineapple.”

Pineapple plus pork is the new turducken and it has taken over Pinterest like a fidget spinner for your taste buds.

The idea sounds simple: core a pineapple, peel it, stuff it with pork, wrap it with bacon and grill it.

It sounds like total “dude food,” but a love of salty and sweet is immune to sexism.

But before every reward comes work. Not including assembly, the swineapple takes about an hour to grill and seconds to devour.

Josh Bush of LaPorte, Texas, introduced the swineapple to the “smoking meat low and slow” Facebook group and, judging from his photos, he can (and will) bacon basket-weave anything.

His Facebook photos are carnivore porn. The only things missing are the recipes and an invite to his next barbecue.

Food lovers like blogger Gusface Grillah took to it like, well, like hipsters to bacon and avocado or burly, tattooed men to craft beer.

“After I basically demolished the first one with my bare hands, shoving it down my face hole, I started wondering how you would actually serve this to people,” the blogger wrote.

“The answer is tacos. Swineapple freakin’ tacos. Though if you have more pulled pork handy (doesn’t everyone?) I would recommend it to balance out the meat:fruit ratios.”

We applaud you, sirs, for seeing the line and walking proudly across it with a fistful of pig.

Now go forth and make your face hole happy.


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