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T courtesy campaign gets Twitter backlash

The MBTA wants to remind people that it pays off to be a nice person.

To do that, the transit agency is launching a new kindness campaign and plastering posters inside trains and buses giving common courtesy tips to passengers.

The campaign is aimed at raising awareness about giving up seats for pregnant women or the elderly and not talking loudly on cell phones while on board.

Interim General Manager Jonathan Davis developed the courtesy campaign to encourage polite behavior on all transit.

Metro wanted to see what those in the Twitterverse had to say about the new campaign, and flagged down some courtesy slogan ideas riders had.

@philipshannon: @mbtaGM I’ll promise to be more courteous if you promise not to raise fares in 2012. Sound fair?

@StacyJRuiz: The #mbta is asking its passengers to be polite and courteous. We ask it to be on time and efficient.

@jbergstein Why not spend $ on making the trains come on time?

@SolomonNight What about the drivers?

@StacyJRuiz might b on time n efficient without rude people crowding doors n preventing them from shutting

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