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Take your friendship to the next level

Coming down from the Valentine’s Day mayhem can be a bit trippy for single folks. Sometimes the holiday can create a sense of separation and loneliness. Feel familiar? Here’s a way to add more romance in every area of your life.

The thought that one person can be your source of inspiration, excitement and bliss is totally wacky. Don’t just seek romance in one special love partner — open up to the possibility for more within your friendships.

This week, go on a date with a friend. The goal? To shake yourself out of your routines and recognize how fulfilling friendships can be. Enjoy your friend’s company in a whole new way by focusing the same attention onto the friendship as you would a romantic partner. OK, no — you won’t be making out with your best friend. But you can be equally inspired by your pal’s personality and unique traits. By perceiving your friendship as more romantic, you’ll strengthen your sense of companionship and oneness.

The benefit of shifting your perspective in friendship is not only that you have more fun, but that you let your romantic partner (or, if you’re single, your future romantic partner) off the hook. When you bring more romance into your friendships, you no longer need a romantic partner to be your only source of happiness. This shift guides you to radiate a more confident energy and release neediness.

So set yourself free from the false perception that one special person will save you. Level the playing field and ignite fiery sparks in all your relationships!

— Gabrielle Bernstein is the author of “Spirit Junkie.”

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