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Talking points

1 The Betty Ford Center has reportedly had to beef up security to deal with all the paparazzi since Lindsay Lohan checked in, but the troubled actress is at least helping foot the bill, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. The clinic has had to bring on extra staff “to cope with all the paparazzi lurking around — trying to get one of those ‘money’ shots to sell to the tabloids.” And while Lohan has been helping with the expense, she hasn’t been terribly social since checking in. “She has been a bit stand-offish with other patients and staff,” a source says. “But then, given all she’s been through, that’s understandable.”

2 The alleged mistress that David Beckham is suing for libel is now suing him right back. Irma Nici claims she was roughed up by the man sent to serve her papers for Beckham’s suit against her, leading to her being hospitalized, according to the Daily Mail. “Beckham is responsible for his goon’s conduct, and we will hold him liable for it,” Nici’s lawyer says.

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