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Talking points

Lohan under house arrest

Lindsay Lohan will be spending the next month or so under house arrest at her swanky Venice Beach home — and while it’s far from prison, her sentence isn’t without rules, according to People magazine. While she can have unlimited visitors and phone and Internet access, Lohan can only leave the premises for medical appointments or visits to the probation department, as long as advance notice is given. The troubled actress even has to put her court-ordered community service on hold until after her house arrest sentence is completed.

Cole out of a job, times two

After her embarrassingly public dismissal from the U.S. edition of “X Factor,” it doesn’t look likely Cheryl Cole will return to the British version of the show, either, even though producers have reached out, offering an “olive branch,” according to the Daily Mail. “Cheryl will not be returning to the British ‘X Factor,’” a source says. “She hasn’t returned phone calls. And you can’t exactly negotiate with someone who won’t even speak to you.”

Baena’s family turns on her

Patty Baena, the mother of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s illegitimate child, is reportedly feeling abandoned by her own family, as relatives have been selling pictures and stories to the tabloids one by one, according to TMZ. One relative who hasn’t sold Baena out yet tells the website that the ex-wife of another family member is the one spearheading the betrayal, but Baena insists the stories being sold are lies.

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