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Tech labour shortage after dot-com crash

A number of years ago, North America experienced what has become known as the dot-com crash. Previously lucrative Internet and technology-based companies found themselves losing money and jobs and going bankrupt. This crash caused a lot of technology-minded students to steer clear of the industry in forging their career paths. However, the computer and technology sector is still a worthwhile path to pursue and can lead to lucrative careers. In fact, it has been said that the province and the country are in the midst of an IT skills labour shortage.

“Computers aren’t going away and the industry will continue to need people who know how to operate in the Information and Communication Technology world,” said LauraJo Gunter, Dean of the Faculty of Information Arts and Technology at Seneca College. “It’s still a very viable career option. People who want to pursue it have to have a passion for it and be open to lifelong learning, as the technology is always changing.”

A recent report by the Conference Board of Canada suggested that the country will need 90,000 information and communication technology (ICT) workers within the next five years.

Seneca College recently invited representatives from all sizes of business, charitable organizations, and the municipal and provincial government to a symposium to discuss what to do about the ICT labour shortage. It’s become such a concern that Ontario’s Workforce Shortage Coalition was formed.

One of the companies that attended the symposium was MDG Computers Inc., the largest Canadian PC manufacturing company in Canada.

“The Colleges and Canadian businesses have to work together to continue the great success of Canadian made technology development,” said Brian Monette, President, CEG, MDG Computers Inc.

If you have always had computers as your passion, communication skills are your strong point and you’re interested in ICT careers, contact your local community college.

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