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Technology in the Hub in 2010

Curious to know what kind of new technologies will evolve in Massachusetts in 2010? Here’s a quick look at what is in store:

Cape Wind
As discussions continue in Washington, D.C., over the fate of the Cape Wind project, other wind turbine initiatives will move forward. The state is planning to put one along the Mass Pike in Blandford, while a facility is under way in Charlestown for wind turbine blade testing.


MBTA riders can expect to see some upgrades this year. By the end of the summer, every commuter rail train on every line should have WiFi access, while another initiative will broadcast train updates for commuter rail riders over an AM radio frequency. Officials say more smartphone applications should be launched that incorporate real-time travel data.

At the schools

MIT researchers are working on the latest in “gestural interfaces,” which allow users to move windows and images around on touch screens simply with hand gestures. Meanwhile, abilities of wireless gadgets such as smartphones, netbooks and e-readers will also continue to grow by leaps and bounds, industry analysts say. metro

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