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Teen, police get Chief Awards

“I did what I thought was right,” said 15-year-old Courtney McLean of the bravery that nabbed her an award of exceptional recognition at last night’s 2010 Chief Awards.

McLean was one of 47 Calgarians awarded for assisting in public safety.

She was walking home last fall when she saw a man attacking a woman and told him to stop.

“I told him to get off her and he got up and he looked at me and I said ‘Pick on somebody your own size,’” she explained to Metro.

After the attacker fled, she called the police and followed behind to give the 911 dispatcher updates.

In addition to the 21 citizens recognized last night, 26 Calgary police officers were awarded, including constables Mike Green and Patrick Urblik.

The two were on scene at a collision last November when an SUV hit a concrete barrier, launched into the air and burst into flames, landing on the highway and skidding 30 metres.

The partners immediately ran to the vehicle and pulled the unconscious driver and the passenger from the flaming vehicle.

“It was like watching a movie, literally,” said Green.

“I’m actually kind of baffled (about the award). We feel it’s just anything any officer would have done in the situation.”

Police Chief Rick Hanson explained these awards make him proud to live in Calgary.

“It’s really gratifying to see that people still care,” he said.

“People want a safe community and they’re willing to contribute.”

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