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Telling the other side of the story

Depending on your age, Jesse Ventura is imprinted in your mind as either pro wrestler “The Body” or the 38th governor of Minnesota. Now a new generation is getting to know the outspoken Renaissance man as a myth buster.

In his series on TruTV, “Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura,” the politically minded personality investigates strange, often terrifying stories of hidden agendas and cover-ups, including a look at a possible military program that uses mind-control techniques to turn ordinary citizens into programmed assassins on tonight’s episode.

Why investigate conspiracy theories?
My interest in conspiracies dates back to the height of my wrestling career. When you’re flying every day you have a lot of dead time, so I did a great deal of reading. And 25 years ago I got into reading about the assassination of John F. Kennedy. I believe in my heart that the Warren Commission is full of crap.

You’re a respectable guy, but the public perception of “conspiracy theorists” leans more toward “crackpots.”

That’s how we’re portrayed by the mainstream media. Mainstream media does the best job it can in portraying us as nutcases. The reality is that’s not true at all.

So we’re guessing you don’t think mainstream media does a good job of telling all sides.

They seem mostly to just echo the government’s position, and they won’t vary from that at all. It’s almost as if they’re the PR people for the government.

It’s curious you say that — you’ve been a prominent member of that government.

Absolutely. Let me put it to you this way: At this point in my life, after 58 years on the planet, I don’t believe a thing my government tells me anymore.

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